Coratina Olive Oil

This Italian extra virgin olive oil yields a complex and intense oil, finishing in a peppery depth of flavor. It is vividly fruity, and agreeably pungent.

Use to deepen or enrich flavors. Great when you want that pop of robust olive oil taste to come through. It will hold up well in grilled & roasted recipes, soups, stews, pasta sauces, bread dipping, and broths.

Coratina is among the most important Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil varieties, beloved especially in the area of Puglia, home to the largest olive farming region in all of Italy. Positioned in Southern Italy bordering the Adriatic Sea, the estate grown Coratina trees grow erect with a dense canopy. A medium size egg shape olive, yielding a full bodied olive oil with artichoke character and rich spicy notes. Use to deepen or enrich flavors.

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Coratina Olive Oil
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